Cooper/T.Smith – Georgia Ports Authority

I would like to express our satisfaction with EARLS twin 20’ spreader bars. These bars have helped us to increase our production, as well as reduce our lost time due to breakdowns. I feel this is a superior product..

Port of Tacoma, WA

It is certainly not our place to support any one product over another, but we are willing to let you know of our excellent experience with this product thus far. …we buy EARLS due to their ease of maintenance and reliability.

TSI Vanterm, Vancouver, BC

Empire Stevedoring has been using container spreaders manufactured by EARLS Industries since 1977. The hydraulic expansion cylinders have never failed, and have been subject to routine maintenance only.

Port of San Francisco, CA

The Port of San Francisco has had excellent service… EARLS has been very responsive to the Port’s requirements…

Vancouver Port Corporation, BC

We have no hesitation in endorsing EARLS Industries endeavour to become a recognized supplier of this type of equipment (crane spreaders) throughout the world. EARLS unique cylinder system has proved to be so reliable that not a single cylinder has required replacement or significant repairs, this in spite of the fact that the original spreader is still in regular service.

HALTERM Limited, Halifax, NS

I would recommend the EARLS Spreader to any potential purchaser without hesitation.

Port of Portland, OR

…we have been very pleased with the performance of the EARLS twin-20 foot spreader.

Ceres Marine Terminals Inc, Savannah, GA

The capabilities of this spreader enhance the productivity on the vessels we handle. We have also been utilizing the EARLS Overheight Attachment with great success. Thanks again for your efforts.

CANTECH Inspections Ltd, Vancouver, BC

I have been conducting NDT inspections (Canadian Welding Bureau CWB) at your facility since 1983 and have found the quality of workmanship to be of a consistently high standard.

Port Authority of Trinidad & Tobago

I refer to your inquiry of 1999 April , requesting a briefing on the performance of our Earl’s Spreaders Model #875, (automatic, telescoping 20′/35′/40′/45′). These spreaders have performed very well since February 1996 when they were installed. To date, each spreader has worked approximately 10,500 hrs, and has handled approximately 300,000 TEU’s. The environment at the Port of Port of Spain for spreader bars is a harsh one, spreader bars being the ‘working end’ of the cranes and a mix of vessels, (cellular, non cellular, 100-2000 TEU container ships) being handled. However, apart from operator caused accidents, both of the model #875 spreaders have not had any failures caused by manufacturer’s deficiencies and have been essentially trouble free since commissioning.