Mining Equipment

EARLS Cable Reel E1365189162261

Cable Reel

EARLS cable reel is designed to be highly mobile in the roughest open pit mining operations.


Front End Loaders Buckets

Custom designed, built to order, steel fabricated buckets for front end loaders.

Tire Manipulator 988 HVC

Heavy Duty Tire Manipulator

We produce heavy duty tire manipulators for handling very large tires, up to 25,000 lbs.

EARLS Pile Breaker1

Hydraulic Concrete Pile Breaker

Concrete pile breaker with tempered/heat treated removable chisel points and a hydraulic working pressure of up to 5,000 PSI.

DCP01388 E1365026334770

Hydraulic Press

Heavy duty hydraulic press.

100 0737

Rock Breaker Boom

The Earl’s boom is a high strength articulating structure designed to manipulate hydraulic breaker hammers, rock grapples, and rock points.