Proof Load Testing & Certification

EARLS owns and operates a high capacity load testing device on-site. Our load tester is capable of testing a wide variety of lifting equipment. In addition to basic proof load tests, we have the equipment and the knowledge and expertise to simulate a variety of more complex real world usage scenarios.

Load testing well beyond expected usage is performed to stress test welding and structural integrity as to ensure reliable and safe operation of equipment when put into real world applications. Equipment that passes our load testing will receive an official Ministry of Transport Canada Certificate of Test and Examination. See the next tab for an example certificate.

  • Ministry of Transport certification
  • 100 metric tonnes weight capacity
  • 130 MT capacity with accessories
  • Fixed position base
  • Certified hydraulic dynometer
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge
  • Large selection of jigs and fittings
  • Can accommodate a variety of load arrangements
  • Able to simulate specific scenarios
  • Low height constraints