Material Handling & Lifting Beams

EARLS has produced a wide variety of various material handling and cargo beam lifting devices. All devices are proof load tested on our Government of Canada certified load testing frame and include device certification documentation. See below for a general list of devices that we have manufactured to date or go to the main products page to see more detailed individual product items.

Lumber Frames

  • Triangular end or tubular end style
  • Rectangular multi-point lift
  • Nitrogen powered semi-automatic hook style

Empty Container Handling Side Pick Spreaders

  • Fixed length
  • Hydraulic expandable twist lock style

General Purpose Heavy Lift Cargo Beams

Pulp & Paper Frames

  • Manual Attachment
  • Automatic and semi-automatic attachments
  • Nitrogen powered semi-automatic hook style

Special Purpose Fork Assemblies

  • Full load self-leveling fork assembly
  • Robotic clamping slab forks
  • Pallet fork frames
  • Complete fork-lift front end assemblies

Container Handling Top Pick Spreaders

  • Manual 20/30/40 foot lengths
  • Mechanical Fixed Lengths
  • Hydraulic automatic expandable twist lock style
  • Overheight attachment open container adapter