Fabricated Forklift Forks

We produce large custom fabricated FLT (forklift truck) forks on an as needed and made to order basis. Standard delivery time is 10-15 workings days from receipt of order. Under the right circumstances, special rush orders can be completed in as quick as 5 working days. We can also Re-Blade your existing worn out or damaged forks for a reduced cost compared to the cost of replacement. In addition to supplying fabricated forks we provide a complimentary Fork Report service to help keep you on top of your fleet.

Fork Blade Tapers:

  • Standard taper.
  • Full bottom taper.
  • Double or Lumber Taper.

Mounting Type:

  • Pin style mount (inset, inline, or offset.)
  • Hook style mount (Class I to IV ITA standards or custom dimensions.)

Tip Styles:

  • Standard/Square
  • Full Round
  • Beveled

Special Features:

  • Fully customizable, made to order.
  • Our Fabricated forks are re-bladable, a more economical option compared to replacement.
  • EARLS Fork Report (see other tab.)
  • High visibility peek-a-boo fork back.
  • Bushed or slotted fork eyes.


  • High tensile steel (A-514 or T-1 equivalent).
  • Fully certified and tested welding procedure (Canadian Welding Bureau Class 1 certified).


  • We measure your entire fleet and store the information in our database for future reference.
  • With our report print out you can review fork wear, see updated capacities, and plan for projected replacement.
  • The fork report eases the ordering process. Rather than having to supply a list of very specific dimensions, all you need to provide us is the fleet unit number/ID.
  • Let us do the work. Measuring forks can be a tricky task but we’re willing to do the work for you.
  • See the sample ‘Fork Report’ image to the right.

Sample Fork Report:

  • Unlike forged forks, our fabricated forks can be re-bladed when the blade thickness has worn down to an unsafe level, or if the fork blades have been bent or damaged.
  • Re-blading consists of cutting the blades off of the existing forks and welding on brand new blades thus bringing the fork capacity back up to the proper working requirements. This procedure can save your company money as the cost to re-blade a pair of forks is approximately 35%-40% less than the cost of buying a new set of forks.
  • Please note that this cost saving procedure is restricted to fabricated forks only. Prior to re-blading a set of forks, the fork backs and eyes must be inspected for wear to determine if re-blading is an economically viable option. As with fork blades, the fork backs should not be worn down beyond 10%. That capacity at 10% wear is reduced by 19% and at 20% wear the capacity is reduced by 36%.

Fork Dimension Sheets

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