Certified Twistlock Pins & Nuts

It is important to note that EARLS twistlock pins and nuts are somewhat different from many others as a result of quality in house manufacturing, top grade materials, diligent certification, and long working life. See below to find out more about our twistlock pin/nut products and certification services.
  • We manufacture twistlock pins and nuts in house.
  • Our twistlock pins are manufactured using 4340-HTSR bar stock.
  • The stock material is supplied as ‘Heat Treated & Stress Relieved’ from the steel mill; there is no additional heat treatment after construction.
  • Each order of pins includes a copy of the steel mill certificate with a chemical analysis and heat number for quality control trace-ability.
  • All pins are individually pull tested (with the nut) at 200% of the safe working load.
  • Pins and nuts are individually stamped with a pull test ID number and are recorded in our log book.
  • The pins have a long working life design that requires an annual NDT inspection and allows re-use year after year if no defects are identified.
  • Once a specific pin has been produced, we can normally offer very quick delivery for repeat orders of that pin/nut combo.