Company History

EARLS is a dynamic, family owned and directed company currently in our 59th year of continuous operation in the Vancouver, Canada area. The 3rd generation of the Coatta family owns and manages the business with Stephen Coatta (PEng – President & General Manager) responsible for engineering and production and Bruce Coatta (BSc – Secretary & Marketing Manager) co-ordinating sales, marketing, and customer relations. In addition, the 4th generation is now becoming increasingly involved.

Over the course of the past several decades EARLS has grown to become a full fledged engineered product manufacturer. We have an extensive amount of experience in custom designed and engineered electro-hydraulic machinery and large attachments for a wide variety of industries. The EARLS Telescopic Container Crane Spreader has become renowned at many ports in the world as one of the best pieces of equipment available thanks to its top quality and high degree of reliability, both of which contribute to a very favourable TLC (total-life-cost).

We also produce a variety of equipment used in general stevedoring. Included are a range of large pulp and paper clamps, HD FLT mast/carriage/fork assemblies and many types of spreader beams and lifting gear.For open pit mining and forestry/logging industries we manufacture numerous large hydraulic attachments such as tire manipulators, cable reelers, pedestal mount boom assemblies, log grapples, buckets, and custom designed attachments.Generally speaking, if the machinery you require is relatively large and requires some customization related to an engineered design, EARLS will be able to provide the best possible solution available. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can be of assistance.

We can provide specific technical information on any of the above if you so wish. And if you have anything else in mind, send us a sketch with a brief description, and we will answer promptly! As well, it would be greatly appreciated if you would copy this information to the attention of any stevedores and/or terminal operators who might require the type of equipment that we supply.